2021 Membership Drive


Please pay or renew your 2021 Membership Dues!  You can send a check or your bank’s electronic bill pay to LJ HOA, P.O. Box 1142, Jonesboro, GA 30237, or pay electronically with a credit card via the Dues & Donations Tab above.



Thank You to Our New/Renewing 2021 Members:

Allen-Walker, Jewell; Amy, Estate of Sara; Anand, Raj & Jasbir; Banks, Charles & Carolyn; Barnes, Brandon; Beal, Connie; Bilotti, James & Cindy; Blackwood, Ed & Kim; Bolden, Greg & Sharon; Booth, Michael; Borchers, Jenny; Brannen, Estate of Madge ; Brannon, Ted & Lola; Brantley, Richard & Monica; Brown, Gerald & Doris; Brown, George; Brown, Floyd & Mary Ann; Butt, Robert ("Mike") & Sheila; Camp, Barbara; Carlisle, Rex & Gillham; Carter, Jim; Cathy, Matthew; Challman, Brad & Michelle; Cistrunk, Antoine; Clark, John & Lucy; Clinto, Harold; Cobb, Charles & Sharlee; Coleman, Lakeisha; Croom, Modice; Cunningham, Charles & Florence; Danner, Bobbie & Sherrie; Davis, Gregory; Deal, Nalan & Rebecca; Dixon, Billy & Kathy; Downes, Kevin & Barbara; Duong, Tam; Evans, Buck & Carol; Fanelli, Theodore & Pamela; Fletcher, Kyle & Hailey; Fothergill, Tom & Lois; Fountain, David & Ramona; Fox, Bobby; Gallien, Pam; Galvin, Virginia; Ganon, Bruce; Gantner, Susan; Gilmore, Louis & Jessie; Glaze, George & Martha; Greene, Tim & Lois; Hale, Jonnie; Hallman, Jim &Millie; Hammock, Wayne & Shayne; Hampson, Ed & Angela; Harris, Alvin & Carmen; Hawkins, Peggy; Haynie, Allan & Anita; Hendrix,Dr. Kitsie; Henry, Patricia; Hess, Dr. Jeremy & Amanda; Horn, Alicia; Hudgins, Rachel; Hynes Jr., Thomas; Itzkowitz, Martin & Michael; Jimenez, Leticia; Johnson, Brian & Josefina; Jones, Tim; Kaulbach, Suzanne; Knight,Rick & Christy; Knox, Charles & Connie; Koithan, Douglas & Tammy; Krasow, Melvin & Junko; LaMarca, Tony & Joyce; Lazzaro, John & Kaysie; Lee, Kate; Lehmann, Clara; Lemon, Michael; Lighten, David & Celia; Lowe, Brian & Chris; Lovern, Alonda; Mayer, Harvey; McMeans, David & Joy; McMullin, Philip & Debra; Melcher, Scott; Metzker, Paul; Mishler, David; Murphy, Seth; Nethery, Megan; Nguyen, Jimmy; Nguyen, Phuong; Nicolas, Robert; Noronha, Alwyn & Blanche; O'Connor, Pamela; Osorio, Enrique & Silvia; Rivera, Jose & Moncita; Rutland, Terry; Scandrett, Ruth; Sellers, David & Megan; Siao-Pao,Paul & Renee; Singleton, Brian & Hillary; Smith, Rodney; Smith, Christine; Smith, Molly & Russ; Speir, Greg & Cathy; Stanley, Carrie; Stuber, Kevin; Terry, Theresa; Thayer, Kenny & Rhonda; Todd, Keith & Shirley; Townsend, Ronald; Warsham, Steve; Wepfer, Chinwe & Scott; Werho, Zachary; White, Gregory; Williams, Tony & Deidre; Yarbrough, Larry & Ann; Young, G. W.

Thank you so much!


Please let us know if you have paid your membership dues but you don’t see your name on the list above.  Email:  finance@lakejodeco.org or send us a message via Contact Us on the lakejodeco.org website.


Upcoming Events


January 21st - Regular Scheduled HOA Board Meeting
February 14th - Valentines Day
March 18th - Regular Scheduled HOA Board Meeting
May 27th - Regular Scheduled HOA Board Meeting 6:30pm @ Weaver Pavillion (open to all residents)
       29th - Community Yard Sale and Memorial Weekend (See Jim Carter for time)
June 5th - 19th Annual Fishing Tournament (See Jim Bilotti for Details!) 
        12th - Lake Clean-Up Day - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Meet at 3024 Jodeco Dr (Boat Ramp) at 9am to 11am. Please dress appropriately.
July 4th - Independence Day 
        22nd - Regular Scheduled HOA Board Meeting 7pm @ Weaver Pavillion 
September 16th - Regular Scheduled HOA Board Meeting 6:30pm @ Weaver Pavillion RESCHEDULED to 23rd @ 7pm 
October TBD - Fall Festival @ Weaver Pavilion located in the Meadow
November 18th - Regular Scheduled HOA Board Meeting 6:30pm @ Weaver Pavillion 
December  TBD - Members Annual Meeting- 



Details  will be published on this website, on the Lake Jodeco Facebook page, NextDoor blog, Instagram and posted on the Community Bulletin Board located at the Meadow near the Silt Pond.

Lake Access/Boating Rules
Lake Access
All Lake Jodeco Members have full access to the lake.  The HOA maintains four walking access lots and one boat ramp. The boat ramp has a gate secured by a lock.  There is no overnight parking permitted at any of the access lots, including the boat ramp.
The following rules apply if a resident needs reoccurring access to the boat ramp:
  • A current HOA member can receive an annual key at no charge.
  • A non-HOA member (who lives at an eligible address) can receive an annual key for $225.
  • Locks are changed annually. To receive a key you must return the previous year’s key; if you have misplaced an issued key there will be a $25 replacement fee in addition to any other annual access fees. 
If you have any questions, contact the Maintenance Committee through the "Contact Us" tab at the top of the Home Page.
No Overnight Parking on any Access Lot
There is no overnight parking permitted at any of the access lots, including the main boat ramp.  If you have any questions about this policy, please use the Contact Us tab at the top of the Home Page.
Boating Rules
Lake Jodeco is a “No Wake Lake” and the maximum speed limit is 5 mph.  This speed limit protects other watercraft, swimmers, and private property that can be damaged by wakes. Jet-skis and speed boats are not permitted on the lake.
No watercraft may be operated while the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
A watercraft without "motor power" (e.g., kayak, canoe, paddleboard, floatie) always has the right of way over any watercraft with motor power. A swimmer has the right of way over all watercraft of every kind.
From dusk until dawn, all motor-powered watercraft are required to have working front and rear running lights turned on.
Age restrictions for watercraft operators as the state requires. Please visit GA-DNR Boat Operator Regulations for those specific requirements.
When you see a “white stake” (some have red flags) sticking out of the water, that stake is marking an area that is a hazard and too shallow for boats. Stay to the outside of the markers. 
Swimming and boating on Lake Jodeco are at your own risk. The Lake Jodeco HOA accepts no responsibility for your personal safety.
* REMEMBER that Lake Jodeco is a catch and release lake for largemouth bass. All other species may be kept.


Active Volunteers Thus Far in 2021


Anand, Raj; Beal, Connie; Bolden, Greg; Cistrunk, Antoine; Danner, Bob/Sherrie; Duong, Tam/Nicky/Tom; Farmer, Misty; Gallien, Pam; Hampson, Angela; Hendrix, Kitsie; Henry, Particia; Hynes, Tim; Kaulbach, Suzanne; Knight, Rick; LaMarca, Joyce; Lazzaro, Kaysie/Jack; Luna, Mariano; Mansour, Jennifer; McMeans, David/Joy; Mishler, David; Nuckolls, David; O'Connor, Pam; Osorio, Rico; Todd, Keith/Shirley; Zakamarek, Roman


Would you like to serve as a volunteer for the HOA?


The Board of Directors is a group of elected volunteers who give of their time and talent to serve the Lake Jodeco HOA. We are always in need of additional people to serve on the Board or help us maintain our resources (the lake and access lots). Below are some of the areas in which we can use your skills:


  • Finance Committee: Assist with fundraising and membership drives.
  • Lake and Ground Maintenance Committee: Help maintain lake access lots and entrances, lake clean up, and small repairs. Assist in identifying vendors for maintenance projects as needed.
  • Communications Committee: Contribute to the website by submitting pictures and articles relevant to lake life. Find sponsors for the website. Help to maintain the Information Board down at the meadow and pass out communication flyers to members who don’t have access to the internet. Help monitor our social media: lakejodeco.org, Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor.
  • Social Committee: Help plan and organize the annual HOA-sponsored Harvest Festival and other events, including decorations and setup. Help welcome new residents to the neighborhood with informational welcome packets. Send out thank you cards and notes to members as needed.

Each Committee has a leader to help direct the work necessary to promote the mission of the Lake Jodeco HOA.


If you have an interest in serving as a volunteer on any of these Committees, please send us a message through the Contact Us tab at the top of this website. 


We'll help you find what works for you.


Thank you for your support.


Lake History
Lake Jodeco is a private 70 acre man-made lake in Clayton County, Georgia east of Jonesboro, Georgia. The area now known as Lake Jodeco was once inhabited by the Creek Indians, and later a small settlement called Mayday existed in this area.
Prior to the end of World War II, the Lake Jodeco area was rural farm land connected to the City of Jonesboro by a one-lane dirt road. In the lowland of this farming area was a small mill pond with a crude earthen dam. Dr. Walter Spivey (who was born on a farm in North Carolina and attended what is now Duke University) was a practicing dentist in Atlanta. One of Dr. Spivey’s patients, the Sheriff of Clayton County, M. Loy Dickson (brother of Jonesboro’s late Mayor Hugh Dickson) sold Dr. and Mrs. Spivey 800 acres just five miles east of Jonesboro which they intended to farm and eventually develop. A tenant house stood on the piece of property which is now the corner of Jodeco Road and Jodeco Drive. The lake itself was created in 1947. Its name was derived out of the Jonesboro Development Corporation, an organization formed by Dr. Spivey and several associates.
The Lake Jodeco Homeowners Association was formed in 1969. In 1975 the deed to Lake Jodeco was transferred to the Association which owns and maintains the lake today. Members of the Homeowners Association enjoy fishing, kayaking, canoeing and cruising on pontoon boats. 
Lake Jodeco sits adjacent to the much larger Lake Spivey. Lake Jodeco was the first of the two lakes created by Dr. Spivey. The two lakes are separated by Jodeco Road, which sits on a causeway and a small bridge. Outflows from Lake Jodeco enter Lake Spivey at the bridge. The outflows continue over the Lake Spivey dam spillway and into Rum Creek in Henry County, Georgia.
HOA Board and Financials
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Lake Jodeco Fall PICNIC Saturday, Oct 30th!
Come join us for fun and games!!
LAKE JODECO's webstore will be live again
Oct. 25th - Nov. 7th
New LAKE JODECO fall swag will be available! Profits go to support our Lake Jodeco HOA Maintenance Fund. Please help support this fundraiser so we can keep it going!
Enjoy the peaceful tree-lined streets and beautiful views of historic Lake Jodeco, a 70+ acre private lake owned by the Lake Jodeco Homeowner's Association.  Lake Jodeco is spring-fed and maintains its water levels year-round for excellent fishing and no-wake boating.  It's a perfect place to kayak, canoe, and take peaceful pontoon rides.  The sunsets here are spectacular.
Our mission is to enhance and maintain our lake as well as our sense of community. The Lake Jodeco community is made up of 210 homes around a three-mile circumference, perfect for bicycling, running, and walking.  Lake Jodeco is only 30 minutes from the heart of downtown Atlanta, and 20 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.